Pin-Pointed Virtual Lifts Available Soon!!!

Currently, all “Neighborhoods” on are broken up into Chapters, Refueling Stops, Milestones, Parts, Elements, Ingredients or Sectionsin order to make it more convenient for our Fellow Global Citizens to find their way back to a location in a “Specific Neighborhood” that they had just visited.


Now, in addition to the above structure, we’ve developed an amazing super-powerhouse Precise Destination Tool mechanism. This precise mechanism, or what we officially call a pin-pointed tool mechanism, will enable us to “virtually transport” you by way of offering you a pin-pointed virtual lift, to more specific and inch-perfect locations anywhere in the Team MacGreen Community while you’re exploring in the community or, offer you a pin-pointed virtual lift from any of our 14 Social Media Platforms back into anywhere, in the Team MacGreen Community.


We’ll be able to place an endless amount of these “Team MacGreen Virtual Pathfinder Guides ” throughout the Team MacGreen Community in order to give our fellow global citizens pin-pointed virtual lifts to exact locations in The Team MacGreen Community, where specific new or updated strategies, ideas, important announcements, global points of interest, fun and interesting happenings etc. have been posted.


Our new pin-pointed virtual lift mechanism is supplementary to our existing colorful and creative discoidal-portals, discoidal message-portals and our “Quadrilateral Message-Portals,” which all carry a special “transport you to a destination” message or, “Join us at a happening or event” message.


All these “Tips & Tools” have been developed in order to make exploring within and outside of the Team MacGreen Community Website, effortless and enjoyable.


Much More On This Coming Soon!!!