A Personal Message From the “ZAPTA 36” Team:

A Personal Message From the
ZAPTA 36” Team:
In this “Home”. . .
We are real
We make mistakes
We say I’m sorry
We give second chances
We never give up
We have fun
We give hugs
We forgive
We do really loud
We are patient
We Love. . .
And On That Note. . .
We Welcome You
To The Home of
You’re invited to visit us and see who we are and where we’re headed.
The ZAPTA 36™ Brand possesses the Might & Moxie to go way beyond the “borders and boundaries” of what it takes to be an authentically responsible, effectual and trustworthy Environmentally Hospitable Household Cleaning Products Brand and, at the same time, always be at the ready to briskly and adroitly change gears at will and move forward, in order to morph into a change agent and participate in making both a Significant Environmental Difference and, a Significant Humanitarian Difference, throughout the USA and Around the World.
ZAPTA 36™ will play a major influential, transformative and cathartic role in https://TeamMacGreen.com‘s diverse, elaborate, far-reaching, interrelated and interdependent consortium strategy for encouraging and facilitating the positive possibilities and probabilities of developing, attaining and sustaining healthy, happy, successful and impactful “Whole, Unabridged and Full Length Lives.
Hope To See You Soon!