“WE The People…WE Have Some Ideas!”

The WE Protocol:

WE strive.

WE make mistakes & misjudge.

WE tangle & tussle.

WE strikeout.

WE bend and break.

WE tough it out.

WE retreat & we rest.

but then. . .

WE rise again together!

WE heal mightier and sturdier!

WE overcome & regroup!

WE triumph & flourish!

WE never give up!

WE are doers!

WE make things happen!!!

Who Are WE?

WE The People…”

WE  may not have it all together nowbut together, WE absolutely, positively could strive to have it all.”

So. . .What are we going to do with all this future?

WE Have Some Ideas!”


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