Wait Till You See Where We’re Headed!!! We Know That Animal Lovers Around The World Will Approve!!!

HEY ALL. . .



Me and my Business Partner and close friend, Emil Ghatan, are making the support and protection of animals a very serious part of our new, original and groundbreaking https://TeamMacGreen.com venture.


Wait till you see where we’re headed!!! We know that animals lovers around the world will approve!!! Please Stay Tuned to my Facebook Page of 5000 animal lovers, https://facebook.com/barry.sarner/  and on our Team MacGreen Blog https://TheTMGPlatform.com


Before I sign off. . .


I’d like to share this note that I posted on my Facebook page for my dear friend Marie Demario:


“Thanks Marie. . .Supporting and Protecting Animals is a very big part of my life and Emil’s life. Emil and I are going big on this!!!


We have access to huge sources for Financial Donor Support, Might & Moxie Protection Support and Domestic and International Government Support.


We’re working on bringing it all together. Some very powerful people are waiting for us to just “say the word” (we’re almost there) and, they’ll be “willing and at the ready” to move forward with us in regards to our plans for the https://TeamMacGreen.com Animal Support and Protection part of our new, original and groundbreaking venture.


Please Stay Tuned at my Facebook Page  https://facebook.com/barry.sarner/ or our Team MacGreen Blog https://TheTMGPlatform.com


Thank you all. . .



Barry & Emil

Emil Ghatan CEO

Barry Sarner President

Team MacGreen/Macaby Group