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This is the AriGwar’s distinct Team MacGreen Consortium

“Seat of Power” Base-Site.

The AriGwars are members of the Team MacGreen Consortium. All 5 Team MacGreen Entity Members have their equal consortium “Seat of Power” Base Sites on TeamMacGreen.com. Easy access is available by doing the click-thing on the member’s name listed on the member directory located on the Home Page of TeamMacGreen.com or, you can reach them straightway through their unique and direct portal address, https://AriGwarNation.com .


In addition to this coveted position, they all will also have their own independent Home Base-site.  The AriGwars are building a Freestanding & Independent Home Base-Site where you’ll be introduced to the individual and unique company’s mission, directives and “purpose and reason for being.” 




This Direct Portal Page is a Work In Progress that we just started.

The Content you see now is not necessarily the content that will remain here. We have so much more to add and edit. Please don’t judge yet. 

We always welcome your

comments and questions.


Feel free to visit as we build the AriGwar’s “Seat of Power”

Base-Site here on Team MacGreen.



Welcome to the AriGwar Nation

The AriGwar Nation, in the words of Rod Serling, Creator of the “Twilight Zone” series, is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity.


It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge.


This is the dimension of imagination.


It is an area which we call the “The AriGwar Nation.”


A Message Directly From “The AriGwar Nation”:


Good day, my name is Princess Acacia Juli Dve and this is Bodhi Ekam my “number one of many”


We come from another “WaY.”


I represent The AriGwar Nation and its People. I am the daughter of our leader, the Royal Benefactress, Her Highness Queen Albizzia Juli


I’m sure you have many questions. Right now all we can say is that we’re here to make first unveiled contact. We have ascertained that your “WaY” is in serious need of our 4-point:

“Strategic Environmental Realignment Process”:



3-Eco- Revitalization



Because of the compelling ambiguity of the state of your WaY’s Environment, we’re here to take the lead and guide.


For now. . .We will reveal only what we feel is appropriate to help you succeed and no more until, we can unequivocally determine that we can enlist a sufficient amount of your fellow “Citizens of the World” to transparently and resolutely work along-side us to effectually shift your “WaY” onto a healthier, safer and brighter path.


For an indeterminable amount of seemingly endless time, we have undetectably monitored and successfully prodded, provoked and provided, patches for environmental liberation and relief effecting countless situations on your “WaY.”


The time for “Patches” is over. The levels of Environmental disarray and intrusion that exist all over your “WaY” has become alarmingly intense and widespread but, not yet close to the tipping point of no return and more importantly, the level is still where we can reverse and reinvigorate within and outside of all your global borders and boundaries.


In the inaugural stages of SERP, our Strategic Environmental Realignment Process, Environmental Education will dominate and protocol and guidance for Collective Impact will follow.


EPA’s Environmental Education Definition : Environmental Education is an impactful and transformative process that allows individuals to explore environmental issues, engage in problem solving, and take action to improve the environment.


As we progress, Environmental Education will always be the priority but our SERP protocol, will be melded with:

1-Worldwide hands-on Environmental Conservation, Preservation and

Restoration activities, undertakings and compelling missions.

2-Exciting possibility, probability and potentiality discussions, regarding global

Environmental Conservation, Preservation and Restoration solutions,

problem-solving and preventative and precautionary measures and strategies.

3-Worldwide adventures and in-depth explorations and expeditions,

searching for breakthrough, ground-breaking and innovative eco-ideas. 

4-Worldwide quests to scrutinize, uncover, expose, pinpoint and

report on eco-trouble spots and eco-trouble makers.

5-Creative, inspirational and motivational marketing eco-programs that

are energized and propped up with many fun and creative eco-fund-raising

adventures and ideas, all warmly and open-heartedly radiating and

emanating from ZAPTA 36.


It will be difficult to convince anyone that we exist without comprehensive proof and, we’re not ready to make that available at this time.


We’ve asked Team MacGreen to help us discreetly initiate and develop an International Conservation, Preservation and Restoration Aggregation Team (The CPR Aggregation Team) or, for the sake of expediency, a CPRA Team, pronounced “kap-ra”


We’ll be reaching out initially to one or two families of your WaY to help us with the inaugural launch of the CAPRA Team in order to create an official unified quest to help you develop a sustainable Environmental and Humanitarian difference on your own WaY.


We will reveal much more about The AriGwar Nation and the structure, strategies and techniques of the International CPR Aggregation Team very shortly.


The Success of the International CPR Aggregation Team relies on, and is tied tight to, Relational Aggregation or in other words, “Citizens of the World and Beyond” joining in and participating in a Collective Impact Strategy of complete and transparent “sharing of information and resources.”


“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”

-Henry Ford


The International CPR Aggregation Team and its quest to protect and save the environment of your “WaY” will be divided into 4 major Global Communities as our WaY is:

  • The AriGwar Nation: Fire Community
  • The AriGwar Nation: Water Community
  • The AriGwar Nation: Air Community
  • The AriGwar Nation: Earth Community


We’ll keep you posted and up to date through TeamMacGreen.com, their Facebook Page TeamMacgreen.net and, their Blog TheTMGPlatform.com


Please concentrate your attention for more details. . .

Fair DinKum Salutations,
Princess Acacia Juli Dve





The AriGwar Warrior’s Purpose & Reason for Being: 

Where “Fantasy meets Reality” in order to rev Up:
1-additional financial support for environmental and humanitarian charities and causes.
2-additional environmental and humanitarian innovation, education, new information & new ideas for Team MacGreen “members of all ages.”


These AriGwar Eco-Warriors will be a viable and exciting source of powerful and sustained revenue that will be, in whole or part, donated to legitimate Humanitarian Environmental Groups or Causes, chosen by unanimous vote, by everyone in the company and possibly, consumer members of Team MacGreen.


The revenue will be generated by featuring our AriGwar Eco-Warriors on merchandise to sell, via T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats and Accessories, all designed with Positive Environmental messages.


The biggest and most ambitious source of Revenue :


We’re Going to Create and Produce, sophisticated “Live Graphic Novels” (Cartoons) to be shown on our YouTube channels.




We’ll create Video Games,  Action Figures and Merchandise to complement our “Live Graphic Novels.”


We own MacabyGreenTechnologies.TV; MacabyGreen.TV; TeamMacGreen.TV


In addition to adults watching, we’ll create a place for our young Team MacGreen Members to come, not only to be entertained but, to learn and really understand what it takes to save and protect our Environment.





This just a brief introduction… 

The Best is Yet To Come!