WE DO NEED YOU. . .The Team MacGreen (TMG) Consortium Matrix goes against everything that the “experts” say you should not do when designing and building your website, what you should not do when you’re actively running and building your business and/or initiating environmental or humanitarian endeavors and, what you should not do when starting a new business.


Of course, these same experts are hushed when it
comes to creating an environmental and humanitarian
adventurous & disruptive innovation such as the “Team MacGreen Consortium Concept & Strategy.”


Why? Because. . . There are no maps for traveling in uncharted “spheres of influence”. . . There are no precedents. . .no paradigms. . .no guides. . .no templates and absolutely nothing to refer to, when in the midst of the electrifying, exhilarating and mind-blowing experience of navigating with unconventional and unorthodox strategies, to successfully create highly effective Humanitarian and Environmental Innovations, Reinvigorations, Reclamations and Upswings” in the USA and all around the world.


And because of this. . .
All we can say to the Experts is:
“We The People??? Just Watch Us”!!!

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