FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. . .THIS POST IS PINNED TO THE TOP POSITION!. . .The “How To” For Fully Appreciating What The Team MacGreen Community Has To Offer!








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We’re Team MacGreen!

What’s a “Team MacGreen?


It’s The Home-Base For 5 Groundbreaking, Innovative & Brand-Spankin’-New Entities, Uniting & Striving To Upend & Breathe New Life Into The Endangered & Wonky Collaborative Status Quo, Of The Business, Environmental, Humanitarian And Philanthropic Worlds.


It’s An Original, Innovative, Unconventional, All-Embracing “Global Plan of Action,” On How To Help Make Our World A Better Place To Live, “Little by Little, Bit by Bit,” Each And Every Day!


The Team MacGreen Multi-Organizational 5-Entity Member Consortium Initiative, was created for one reason and for one reason only, and that was for achieving the melding of clear and robust Humanitarian, Environmental, Philanthropic and Business Principles and Objectives in order for them to work together,to generate significant Humanitarian and Environmental Productive and Highly Effective Innovations around the world.


“Social entrepreneurship is the use of start-up companies and other

entrepreneurs to develop, fund and implement solutions

to social, cultural, or environmental issues.”



What Is a Consortium?

A consortium is a group made up of two or more individuals, companies, or governments that work together to achieving a common objective.


Entities that participate in a consortium pool resources but are otherwise only responsible for the obligations that are set out in the consortium’s agreement.


Every entity that is under the consortium, therefore, remains independent with regard to their normal business operations and has no say over another member’s operations that are not related to the consortium.-Wikipedia


The “How To” For Fully Appreciating What The Team MacGreen Global Community Has To Offer! 


#1- We respectfully suggest making our Blog your first stop

Its Name & Address: 

#2- We respectfully suggest making our Home Page your second stop

Its Name & Address:

#3-We respectfully suggest making The WE Protocol your third stop.

Its Name & Address:

#4-We respectfully suggest making ZAPTA 36 your Fourth stop.

Its Name & Address:

#4.5-We respectfully suggest making our ZAPTA 36 SHOPPE your 4.5 stop. Its Name & Address:

#5-And without further ado,the Explorative, Investigative and Actualizing Quest to help make our world a better place to live,“little by little, bit by bit,” each and every day, starts right here, starts right now!!!





Crisp & Pithy

Tips N’ Tools


Team MacGreen’s Website is a 24/7/365 epicenter of Environmental and Humanitarian Education, Information, Actionable & Remediable Possibilities, Hope & Positivity and, it’s all mixed with appropriate and respectful fun stuff, that’s absolutely suitable for all ages.


With the bountiful amount of information, sources and resources available to you throughout the Team MacGreen Community Website and, the fact that we’ll be constantly updating everything because of the extreme vacillating and teetering pace of the world around us, you’ll never get to cover in one visit.


“So, we’re going to break up all the content into

Chapters, Refueling Stops, Milestones, Parts, Elements, Ingredients or Sections

and basically, whatever it takes in order for you to comfortably

and effortlessly Revisit, Read, Revel In, Research and Return, as often as you like.”

ThBottom Line:

“You’ll always know where you visited

and where you left off.”

Crisp & Pithy

Tips N’ Tools


The indispensable TMG Support Tools to use in getting a handle on what The Team MacGreen Global Community & its Campuses are all about are as follows or in other words. . .

“The “How To” For Fully Appreciating What The Team MacGreen Community Has To Offer!”


We respectfully suggest making our Blog your first stop:

Its Name &

It’s A Treasure Trove of ‘ Bonkers & Barmy’

to ‘Breaking & Balanced’ News,

Information & Innovative Ideas.


Your Originator for Current Updates

on What’s Happening Across the

Entire Team MacGreen Global



We respectfully suggest making our Home Page your second stop

Its Name & Address:


The Team MacGreen Home page is the start of  a Little“Bit-Oversized,” but very important and very special, Two-Part welcoming and introductory message for you, from the entire USA & International Team MacGreen Crew.”


As you land on this Home Page and proceed to scroll down, you’re going to encounter Sobersided & No-Nonsense, yet Paradoxically Playful and Friendly, Humanitarian & Environmental In-Depth & Vigorous Information and Tips n’ Tools. . . Extraordinary and Innovative Groundbreaking Ideas and Concepts and . . . all the Exploratory, Fact-Finding, Investigative and Deep-Diving Success Support Tools & Instruments that we’ll all need, in order to achieve “Sustainable & Compelling Progress,” on this United & Unwavering Quest, to make Our World a Better Place.”


Please keep in mind that this is a two-part introduction and at the end of Scrollin’ & Readin’, after starting at the home page, there will be links and information on how to get to



WE Respectfully Suggest Making,


Better Known As,

The WE Protocol,

Your Third Stop.


Its Name & Address:



The WE Protocol’s

Purpose & Reason for

Being#1 of 2 

“We want you to be able to effortlessly

get to really know Us.”

Throughout, there’s an abundance of straightforward “organizational information” on what each of the 5-Entity Members are all about. But, and a Big But at that. . .We also felt that it was essential that our Fellow Global-Citizens get to know the Global-Citizens that are behind this Massive 5-Entity Global Venture with endless Moving Parts.


The WE Protocol’s

Purpose & Reason for

Being#2 of 2

“To pledge our Unconditional Assurance and Commitment to you, that you’ll always be 100% backed up regarding, Anything and Everything, Team MacGreen.”


You’ll Always Unconditionally Have, 100% of the Massive, Broad and Concerted Backing of all 6-Entity Members (includes Team MacGreen) of the Team MacGreen Organizational Consortium, when it comes to the Authenticity, Quality, Safety and of course, your Satisfaction, of all our products, merchandise and information.


Team MacGreen is a Consortium made up of

5 Individual but Synergistic Entities:



Steel Roses

AriGwar Nation

Diffusion Networking

Macaby Green Technologies

The WE Protocol is a Nobody’s Perfect, No-Nonsense, Unassailable, Situational-Arena,” where fellow citizens from around the world can come and visit and immediately detect and discern, an open and welcoming personal atmosphere that is driven by “Honesty, Clarity & Transparency” and, a place that will offer them a great starting point for authentically and genuinely getting to know who and what, the Global-Citizens of The Team MacGreen Global Community are all about.


But, the bottom line, of course, is that you and you alone, have the power to evaluate whether or not The Team MacGreen Community is worthy of your trust and respect. Most importantly, in order to be able to do that, you need to have the proper information that will enable you to effortlessly but deftly, compare your Team MacGreen Community “expectations-experience” to the reality of your Team MacGreen Community “actual-experience.”


For you to be able to evaluate for yourself if we’re truly worthy of your trust and respect and, have the appropriate information to make a personal assessment of your “experience-expectations” VS. “actual-experience, we think you’ll agree that you need to know who we are, what we believe in, what we unequivocally stand for and, for what we’ll relentlessly “fight” for.


One of the more stirring and spirited areas of Team MacGreen’sThe WE Protocol and its Proprietary Line-of-Actionis the 5 Thought-Provoking “Lifestyle Outposts” that we’ve developed and collectively, they’ll highlight all of the Values, Ethics and Life lessons that are fervently & adamantly supported, by all 5-entity members of the Team MacGreen Consortium.


Our Bold & All-Encompassing WE Protocol’s Line-of-Action & its compelling rock-solid Seal of Unconditional Assurance & Commitment,” are based on the incontrovertible premise that we “Respectfully & Wholeheartedly” want you to always know, not only What” you’re bringing into your home but, just as importantly, we want you to always know Who,” you’re bringing in to your home.


After reviewing all of The WE Protocol, we humbly believe that you’ll have the appropriate information and knowledge needed as responsible Global-Citizens, to “Evaluate Us” fairly and objectively and, when you come upon our WE Protocol’s Seal of Unconditional Assurance & Commitment” in any situation, you’ll know exactly what the Assurance Seal stands for, who’s making the Assurances, what they believe in and, what they stand for.


We respectfully suggest making ZAPTA 36 your Fourth stop.

Its Name & Address:

“The ‘ZAPTA 36’ Brand possesses the Might & Moxie to go way beyond the “borders and boundaries” of what it takes to be an authentically responsible, effectual and trustworthy Environmentally Hospitable Household Cleaning Products Brand and, at the same time, always be at the ready to briskly and adroitly change gears at will and move forward, in order to morph into a change agent and participate in making both a Significant Environmental Difference and, a Significant Humanitarian Difference, throughout the USA and Around the World.”



C’mon? That’s a mouthful. How’s that possible?”

You might appropriately & skeptically ask.

The Answer:


Team MacGreen is a “Consortium”

“ZAPTA 36” is the only Environmentally Hospitable Household Cleaning Products Brand, that’s in the enviable position of being an essential member of Team MacGreen, a groundbreaking and transformative-enabling, very powerful Multi-Organizational Consortium Initiative.

So What Does This Actually Mean

For ZAPTA 36?





It means “ZAPTA 36”, naturally & unequivocally, acquires the unbounded rights and unfettered access to Muscular & Transformative Resources, Marketing, Teamwork, Influence, Knowledge, Energy and Abilities.


Having unfettered access to this Behemothic Innovation of Aggregating and Sharing Muscular & Transformative Resources, Marketing, Influence, Knowledge, Energy and Abilities of 5 new cohesive, interconnected, groundbreaking and unconventional entities, ZAPTA 36 is now empowered and enabled to successfully, not only offer authentic, reliable and high quality Environmentally Hospitable Household Cleaning Products but it will also, at the same time, be magnificently & amazingly empowered to participate in creating both Significant Environmental Innovations and, Significant Humanitarian Innovations, throughout the USA and Around the World.”

Crisp & Pithy

Tips N’ Tools


TMG’s Discoidal-Portals



You’ll find the following round colorful discs, TMG’s Discoidal-Portals, throughout the Team MacGreen Community and its campuses. They will all carry a special “transport you to a destination” message or, “Join us at a happening or event” message.




See one? Just take a look to see if it’s a place you would like to visit or an event

or happening you think you might be interested in attending. Then, just do the Click-Thing to be transported to the desired destination or to a place for more information on that event or happening.


You’ll also see “Message Discoidal-Portals” like this for example:

Look for them to pop up unexpectedly, intermittently, and sporadically. Many of these TMG Discoidal- Portals will also be securely planted for long periods of time in many different locations.


In Addition, We’re Very Proud To Introduce This Brand New Concept:

“Quadrilateral Message-Portals”

These Are Some Of Our Esteemed Team MacGreen Members:



Crisp & Pithy

Tips N’ Tools


Mentor Guidepost

Station #1

Do The Click-Thing On Any “Portal-Frame” Below And, Transport Yourself To The FUNtastical World That Exists In The Team MacGreen Social Media Community!


For your convenience, you’ll find these Mentor Guidepost Station Images “planted” throughout the Team Community.


CBTPUSA FacebookTeamMacGreen FacebookBarry Sarner TwitterBarry Sarner PinterestTheWEProtocolTeamMacGreen LinkedinPMUglobal

These are the Gateways to our Facebook Pages, Our Blog, Our “WE Protocol” and, our other Vibrant Social Media Platforms. 


Just do the click-thing and “effortlessly & illuminatingly” have a look at what the Team MacGreen Community is all about!


Mentor Guidepost

Station #2

Do The Click-Thing On Any “Portal-Frame” Below And, Explore The 6 Groundbreaking & Innovative Entities That Make-Up The “Mahoosive Underpinning” Of The Entire Team MacGreen Global Community!


TeamMacGreenZAPTA 36Steel RosesArigwar NationMacaby Green TechnologiesDiffusion Networking

As we mentioned above, these are the Gateways to our 6 Groundbreaking & Innovative Entities That Make-Up The “Mahoosive Underpinning” Of The Entire Team MacGreen Global Community!


Just do the click-thing to where you want to go and explore this amazing new, original and innovative community.


It’s a community that’s dedicated and steadfast about

“Making The World A Better Place.”


Crisp & Pithy

Tips N’ Tools



The 5 Team MacGreen Entity Members all have their equal consortium “Seat of Power” Base-Sites on In addition to this coveted position, they will also have their own independent Home Base-site located on their own autonomous & freestanding website.


Home Page Part #1

Home Page Part#2 

The TMG Platform (Blog)

The WE Protocol


The Province of FUNtasticality



Steel Roses

Estimated date for Steel Roses to approximately, take the

leap onto the World Stage: Between 11.15.22 & 1.20.23 

The AriGwar Nation

Estimated date for The AriGwar Nation to approximately,

walk onto the World Stage: Between 12.30.22 & 2.15.23 

Diffusion Networking

Estimated date for Diffusion Networking to approximately,

make its debut on the World Stage: Between 10.30.22 & 1.10.23 

Macaby Green Technologies

Estimated date for Macaby Green Technologies to approximately, make

its inaugural appearance on the World Stage: Currently Open

MacabyGreenTechnologies.Com is their

Team MacGreen Consortium Member “Seat of Power” Base-Site. 

But. . .We’re open at:

MacabyGreenTechnologies.Net is their

independent Home Base-site located on their own

autonomous & freestanding website.


Any Questions or Comments?

Please Reach Out To Us At: